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01-02 September Roxane Huilmand *all levels*
08-09 September Martin Kilvady

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04- 08 June Chen Wei Lee & Zoltan Vakulya
11- 15 June Cassiel Gaube
18- 22 June Nuhacet Guerra *morning workshops*
25- 29 June Voice Workshop Anne-Marie Blink
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16- 20 July Jos baker
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03- 07 September Peeping Tom
17- 21 September Action Theater Sten Rudstrom

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55, rue Edmond van cauwenberghstraat
1080 Molenbeek/ Brussels

Jetsummer 2018

Cassiel Gaube
Walk Run Fly 10.30h - 17.00h

This workshop will propose a condensed coaching in two specific techniques.
House Dance: a clubbing dance, largely influenced by Hip Hop, characterized by its rapid and rhythmical Footwork.
Passing Through: the collective improvisation method designed by David Zambrano.

In this week, we’ll focus on identifying the organizing principles of these two techniques and dive deep in the training of their basic aspects. The reason for studying them together lies in the crucial role that footwork plays in these two practices. We’ll carefully look at the actions of walking, running and bouncing that are at the base of these techniques and we’ll progressively integrate the practice of Footwork to the one of Passing Through.

Through a progression of focused drills and scores, we will break down House Footwork rhythmical complexity and design our own tools for generating musical and sharp feet patterns – or footwork. And we’ll use them to travel through space in powerful, rich and unexpected ways.

We’ll then bring this Footwork practice in the larger framework of Passing Through and train our ability to deal with ever more challenging group situations. We’ll set common tools for organizing collective fluxes and bodies interactions (impacts, push, pulls…).

Eventually, the aim of this workshop is to refine and enrich the dancers’ relationship to the floor and their ability to travel through space in complex ways. The integration of the trainings of House Dance and Passing Through will highly challenge the anchorage and moving habits of the participants, constantly holding them at the stretch point of their learning process.