Weekend Workshops
01-02 September Roxane Huilmand *all levels*
08-09 September Martin Kilvady

Fulltime Week Workshop
04- 08 June Chen Wei Lee & Zoltan Vakulya
11- 15 June Cassiel Gaube
18- 22 June Nuhacet Guerra *morning workshops*
25- 29 June Voice Workshop Anne-Marie Blink
09- 13 July Meytal Blanaru
16- 20 July Jos baker
13- 17 August Rakesh Sukesh
20-24 & 27- 29 August Tijen Lawton
03- 07 September Peeping Tom
17- 21 September Action Theater Sten Rudstrom

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55, rue Edmond van cauwenberghstraat
1080 Molenbeek/ Brussels

Jetsummer 2018

Nuhacet Guerra
Physical Itai / Shake the Roots 10.00h - 13.00h

This workshop is a training. What we seek is to first connect with ourselves through conscious meditation while we warm up at the same time and connect with the ground. There you can develop a physical technique while continuing to work on intuition and improvisation in a constant search for growth and safety in one. At the same time, we work on being aware of the connection with the ground we walk on and the air that surrounds us, playing with the imagination and developing creativity while we dance and train. We will use the roots we have to connect and find that solidity that we carry inside to be able to dance without losing our essence, without disconnecting from ourselves. But at the same time we connect with the companions that surround us.