Weekend Workshops
01-02 September Roxane Huilmand *all levels*
08-09 September Martin Kilvady

Fulltime Week Workshop
04- 08 June Chen Wei Lee & Zoltan Vakulya
11- 15 June Cassiel Gaube
18- 22 June Nuhacet Guerra *morning workshops*
25- 29 June Voice Workshop Anne-Marie Blink
09- 13 July Meytal Blanaru
16- 20 July Jos baker
13- 17 August Rakesh Sukesh
20-24 & 27- 29 August Tijen Lawton
03- 07 September Peeping Tom
17- 21 September Action Theater Sten Rudstrom

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55, rue Edmond van cauwenberghstraat
1080 Molenbeek/ Brussels

Jetsummer 2018

Jos Baker
IMOTION 10.30h - 17.00h

This workshop will start with a class focusing on using gravity and momentum to find ways of moving into and across the floor, with particular emphasis on being off-balance. This is a challenging and fast paced class with a spirit of exploration and risk taking, both physically and performatively. It will then move on to look at a range of ways to create diverse material. It will also explore types of performativity, characterization and the ways in which these relates to making new material.