Weekend Workshops
01-02 September Roxane Huilmand *all levels*
08-09 September Martin Kilvady

Fulltime Week Workshop
04- 08 June Chen Wei Lee & Zoltan Vakulya
11- 15 June Cassiel Gaube
18- 22 June Nuhacet Guerra *morning workshops*
25- 29 June Voice Workshop Anne-Marie Blink
09- 13 July Meytal Blanaru
16- 20 July Jos baker
13- 17 August Rakesh Sukesh
20-24 & 27- 29 August Tijen Lawton
03- 07 September Peeping Tom
17- 21 September Action Theater Sten Rudstrom

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Jetsummer 2018

Rakesh Sukesh
SOLO INITIATION/Payatt INtransit 10.30h - 17.00h

The workshop takes an intense journey into one’s inner world. We tap into different levels of existence.
Often we give priority to the intellectual part of our brain which leads us into an informed society; we take information from books, films, and performances or through conversations with others. What we transmit is often recycled information which has been gathered by our five senses. What are the levels of existence? How much are we aware of it? Modern science and mystical science clearly states that we are all made of a universal intelligence. If there is such intelligence inside of us then what are our intentions? What does our work of art serves for? Is it possible to go deep into ourselves and try to understand this intelligence and develop ways to be creative with it? Through series of physical research, games and analyses, this workshop offers methods for the participants to have an experiential process.

Payatt INtransit is a contemporary movement technique that combines movement principles from the ancient Indian martial art form of Kalaripayattu with yogic practices and energy work to stimulate the source of energy in our body. It trains the practitioners in a safe, organic and yet rigorous way to become more confident, relaxed, flexible and powerful, training us to be quick in our reflexes, while simultaneously guiding us to cultivate a constant inner calm.

The class challenges our physical and mental limits, training the physicality to be quick, energetic, while mentally we remain calm and relaxed, undisturbed by the agitation of physicality. We learn to isolate the strong physical aspect of this class from the constant calm within, enabling us to gain complete control over the movement rather that the movement controlling us. And enhancing our ability to adapt to unexpected situations and make innovative yet efficient choices, we combine our physical energy and the energy around us.