Fulltime Week Workshops
10-14 June Cassiel Gaube
17-21 June Gabriela Ceceña
24-28 June Anne-Marie Blink
15-19 July *Morning Workshop Nenè Barini- open to all performers
22-26 July Billie Hanne
29 July- 2 August Maria Durba & Edoardo Groppler
12-16 & 19-23 August Tijen Lawton
12 & 19 August *Evening classes Feldenkrais with Céline Van Der haegen
26-30 August *Morning Workshop Tobiah Booth-Remmers
26-30 August *Evening classes Ady Elzam
2- 6 September Pencak Silat by Claudio Conti *Morning Workshop
2-6 September Gaga for dancers + Gaga for people classes with Yaara Dolev
16-20 & 23-27 September Musicality of the body with Julianna Bloodgood and Rafal Habel

Weekend Workshops
08-09 June Emmi Väisänen & Alexander Vantournhout
31 August and 1 September Roxane Huilmand

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Jetsummer 2019

Cassiel Gaube
WALK RUN HOUSE 10.00h - 17.00h

This workshop will propose a technical and compositional exploration of two specific practices.
House Dance: a clubbing dance, largely influenced by Hip Hop, characterized by its rapid and rhythmical Footwork.
Passing Through: the collective improvisation method designed by David Zambrano, primarily based on walking and running.

In the mornings, we’ll focus on identifying the organizing principles of these two techniques and dive deep in the training of their basic aspects. We’ll first look at the actions of walking, running and bouncing that are at the base of these techniques. Then, through a progression of focused drills and scores, we’ll break down House Dance rhythmical Footwork and design our own tools for generating musical and sharp feet patterns. Which we’ll then use to travel through space in powerful, rich and unexpected ways.

We’ll then bring this Footwork practice in the larger framework of Passing Through and train our ability to deal with ever more challenging group situations. We’ll set common tools for organizing collective fluxes and bodies interactions (impacts, pushes, pulls…).

The afternoons will be dedicate to composing complex chunks of movement material, using the principles that we will have extracted from the analysis of House Dance & Passing Through. We’ll map out the tools at our disposal and elaborate precise constrains in order to stimulate creativity. Both individually and collaboratively, the participants will create clockwork movement materials, intertwining : highly written footwork, complex grooves, poly-rhythms & partnering work.

Embedded in this physical work, I’ll propose a spectrum of mental practices, ranging from Mindfulness Meditation to Visualization and Mnemotechnics. The participants will be encouraged to develop an observational attitude towards their learning processes and ask themselves how they might improve these. We’ll discuss various tools to organize and engineer one’s mental ecosystem while learning, thinking and dancing.