Evening Classes
13, 20 July & 24, 31 August *Feldenkrais with Céline Van der Haegen
13, 20 July & 24, 31 August *Contemporary Dance with Céline Van der Haegen
15, 22 July & 26, 31 Aug & 2 Sept *Somatic Practices & Dance with Céline Van der Haegen

Full Week Classes
27-31 July *Rest in Motion Research with Ady Elzam
28-31 July *Technique classes with David Hernandez
3-7 August *GAGA/dancers with Chen-Wei Lee
3-7 August *GAGA/people with Chen-Wei Lee
17-21 August *Composition Workshop with David Hernandez
17-21 August *Improvisation with David Hernandez
24-28 August *Rest in Motion Research with Ady Elzam

Fulltime Week Workshop
6-17 July *BougeMoveBeweeg with MoVart Kids & Adolescents
24-28 August *Physicology & Improvisation with Jos Baker

Weekend Workshop
18 July & 1, 8 August *Parents & Kids Workshop with MoVart
29 & 30 August *Dance Phrasing with Roxane Huilmand

23, 29 & 30 August *Creation Evolution Presentation with MoVart Kids
30 August *Dance Performance Journey & Dinner Celebration

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1080 Molenbeek/ Brussels

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Jetsummer 2020/ DCJ OPEN AIR

Céline Van der Haegen - OPEN AIR*
Feldenkrais 18.30h - 19.45h

The Feldenkrais Method aims to develop consciousness through movement.
Guided in slow and gentle movement sequences, the person listens to its body in a lively and organic way.

Grounding supports, breathing and connection between different parts of the body constitute the main axes of the exploration. This way of listening to every sensation and to the body as a whole, helps to recreate new links between the neocortex and the body. The neuroplasticity that this method subtlety mobilizes, allows the reprogramming of a more complete relationship with the body, the environment and one’s self-image through the nervous system.

Where previously there were tensions, muscular contraction and movements carried out with effort, through this method the body regains fluidity, coördination and its anchoring in the ground. Rediscovering the pleasure of moving in harmony and with flexibility, as we have all experienced as children. Rediscovering the organic grace and intelligence inherent in the body. We will finish the class with a small improvisation to integrate the principles into dance.