Evening Classes
13, 20 July & 24, 31 August *Feldenkrais with Céline Van der Haegen
13, 20 July & 24, 31 August *Contemporary Dance with Céline Van der Haegen
15, 22 July & 26, 31 Aug & 2 Sept *Somatic Practices & Dance with Céline Van der Haegen

Full Week Classes
27-31 July *Rest in Motion Research with Ady Elzam
28-31 July *Technique classes with David Hernandez
3-7 August *GAGA/dancers with Chen-Wei Lee
3-7 August *GAGA/people with Chen-Wei Lee
17-21 August *Composition Workshop with David Hernandez
17-21 August *Improvisation with David Hernandez
24-28 August *Rest in Motion Research with Ady Elzam

Fulltime Week Workshop
6-17 July *BougeMoveBeweeg with MoVart Kids & Adolescents
24-28 August *Physicology & Improvisation with Jos Baker

Weekend Workshop
18 July & 1, 8 August *Parents & Kids Workshop with MoVart
29 & 30 August *Dance Phrasing with Roxane Huilmand

23, 29 & 30 August *Creation Evolution Presentation with MoVart Kids
30 August *Dance Performance Journey & Dinner Celebration

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1080 Molenbeek/ Brussels

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Jetsummer 2020/ DCJ OPEN AIR

Céline Van der Haegen - OPEN AIR*
Somatic practices and dance in nature 18.30h - 21.00h

Open to all performers, Somatic practices and dance-evenings will take place in the middle of the beautiful Parc 'Roi Baudouin' to let our inner rhythm and movement find dialogue and echo in the shapes of nature surrounding us. We will share together a space where experiential anatomy, Feldenkrais, fasciapulsology, body-mind centering tools can be touched and delightfully expressed through dance.

Through imagery, visualization, anatomic notions and gentle lying and moving guidances we will dive in the heart of the theme and access the consciousness of the organs... We will experiment their fascia system through touch. From those intimate places of feeling and understanding the body we will progressively allow ourself to translate them physically and artistically through dance. And it will be an opportunity to widen our knowledge through creativity and play. Albert Einstein once said that « Play is the highest form of research ».

Every Wednesday we will encounter a new theme. July 15th will be dedicated to the liver, spleen and pancreas and we will approach some embryology notions to lighten the organ system. The next following themes will be: the heart and lungs, the bones, developmental movement patterns/ intestines.

I hope that this practice can nourish your interest in meeting yourself, your curiosity towards the body and your creativity.